Soil is like a bank  


If you continually withdraw from your account without putting money back in, you will eventually run out of cash. The same is true with soil, Jared Eliot noted during the American colonial era. Continually planting without adding organic matter to the soil depletes its life-giving reserve. Some areas of Hawaii Island have poor soil, so many growers begin with a small nutrient bank. 

Our compost is the best deposit you can make into your soil. It is "black gold," brimming with beneficial microorganisms that keep plants healthy.  The premium compost is rich, crumbly, dark brown and has an earthy, pleasant smell—all signs of proper curing and maintenance over several months.  The end result is compost that is nutritious, hygienic and fully decomposed.


Benefits of adding compost to soil

Keeps green waste from landfills.

Provides a natural slow-release fertilizer, reducing reliance on chemical fertilizers.

Increases plant growth and yields.  

Boosts resistance to pests and plant disease, lessening need for chemical pesticides.


water absorption and retention.

Fosters beneficial microorganisms, earthworms and insects.

Lessens soil compaction, runoff and erosion.




our process

Our composting methodology is research-based and has been honed through years of experience. It begins with locally sourced green waste as our primary feedstock. We inoculate it with beneficial bacteria and add additional ingredients to be within range of the ideal carbon-to-nitrogen ratio.

Our compost is cured for 4 or more months and turned in windrows at least every 7 days. During this curing period, we regulate oxygen, moisture and heat to maintain anaerobic conditions and enhance beneficial bacteria. These bacteria secrete vital plant nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous. Every part of the windrow is exposed to 140°F to kill pests and weed seeds, creating a hygienic and plant-friendly product.

All compost is screened to 3/4" and smaller. We screen our premium "fine compost"  again using a 1/4" screen. Finally, to create our planting mix, we blend the compost with black cinder for aeration and cinder soil for moisture retention and root stability.