Organic Matters Hawaii

soil-enriching compost and planting mixes

we help our community work with nature to build life-sustaining soil.

our story

We create nutrient-rich compost from green waste that would otherwise fill our landfills. In 2009, Deano Maruyama combined his business degree with composting knowledge passed on by his father to launch Organic Matters. He started with a hand-me-down tractor, self-built screener and a mission to protect the environment for future generations. When Deano became a father himself, he became even more impassioned to see his daughter grow up in a greener world ...


Our process

Our composting process is based on scientific research and years of experience. It starts with primary feedstock from locally sourced green waste. Our compost is cured for 4 or more months and turned at least once every 7 days. During this curing period, we amend the compost with nutrients and microorganisms. Every part of the windrow is exposed to 140° F to kill pests and weed seeds, creating a hygienic and plant-friendly product ...