our story

Hi, I'm Deano Maruyama. My mission is to transform green waste that would otherwise fill our landfills into nutrient-rich compost. 

It all began in 2009. I had just graduated with a degree in business administration from San Diego State University and was looking for a way to move home to Kona. My dad had learned the ins and outs of soil science through research and decades in agriculture. He offered to teach me what he knew, and I gratefully accepted. At around the same time, I became a new father. With parenthood came a new drive to see my daughter grow up in a greener world. We embarked on the journey with a hand-me-down tractor, a self-built screener and a mission to protect the environment for future generations. 

organic matters evolves

Since 2009, we have continuously adapted our methods to be at the forefront of composting technology. We now use a state-of-the-art screener and deliver compost and planting mix across the island. To minimize our environmental impact, we use biodiesel to run our equipment whenever it was available. We experiment with new amendments, including microbial inoculants and locally grown spirulina. As we scale up, we also ensure quality assurance through laboratory testing by experts in the field. 

Beyond our innovations and favorable test results, our proudest moments come when customers thank us for helping them to grow healthier plants. It reminds me that together we can nourish our soil, our plants, our families, our community and our environment.